Souppes sur Loing Range is 100 kilometer South East from Paris near Nemours ( the town where the Dupont "de Nemours "
USA family was coming) and Fontainebleau ( the residence for French kings ) with its castle and huge forest

Detailed Local Forecast  

60 Benchrest shooters gathered in Souppes sur Loing for the 2019 Spring Trophy edition, on April 26th - 27th and 28th
coming from Austria, Belgium, Germany, France, Italy, Luxembourg and Netherlands.

The Spring Trophy 2019 had the great pleasure to receive 60 shooters from 6 countries and was in a mean time  the largest attendance in a competition in France since 23 years ago !

A lot of thanks to them all.

The weather was typically the one for "Souppes sur Loing" ! First day, on Friday, was with sun and tricky winds for the two, LV & HV 100 meter, followed by a Saturday rainy and with winds very strong changing directions and intensity, cause of some out of target shots.

Finally a Sunday with some little showers and more gently winds, allowing some decent groups.

Pascal Fishbach was undoubly the man of the affair, shooting regularly and graduating in the first places at the aggregates and finishing at the first place in the Two Gun Aggregate.
Guy Marloye confirmed his last skills at Volmerange and took the second place.
Giogio Dapian also showing his consistency reached the third place.
Philippe Octo who shot every year since the born of this competition got the fourth place after a marvelous 200m in the worst conditions.
And finally Monique Lendormi finished fifth after a year in top positions.

We want to acknowledge you, that, for the first time in the story of the Spring Trophy this fifth top shooters of the Two Gun Aggregate had received in addition of their relatives trophies some valuable gifts.
These gifts were offered by Albeto Lenzi and  myself, he offered one rear bag, one depriming tool, a tray for transport the rear bag with a level, an another tray and a stabilizer and
personally I offered a chambered barrel from Dwight Scott.

We are planning some nice projects for our shooting club, the ACS, for the next year, better organized competition and  more enjoying meeting.

See you in 2020


(speech collected by your Ol' Editor)

TOP LV 100

1st AM Deletang
2nd W Huwel
3rd JM Deletang
Small group G Polidoroff

TOP LV 200

1st & Small group
A Lenzi
2nd J Teughels
3rd P Fishbach

TOP LV Grand Agg.

1st P Fishbach
2nd C Pacheco
3rd AM Deletang

TOP HV 100

1st C Pacheco
2nd A Angaran
3rd P Fishbach
Small Group A Den Burger
TOP HV 200

1st P Octo
2nd & Small group  A Beaumont
3rd P Fishbach
TOP HV Grand Agg.

1st P Octo
2nd P Fishbach
3rd G Dapian
Top Becker Trophy
TOP 2 Gun Agg.

1st P Fishbach
2nd G Marloye
3rd G Dapian
4th P Octo
5th M Lendormi