CODOGNO is the craddle for bench rest shooters in Europe
The range is 30 miles south east of Milano ( North Italy ) and was the first range to hold a Benchrest meeting in Europe 
at the beginning of the 70's sponsored by a few enthusiast.
The Range is flat from 0 to 300 meter, usually with gentle winds but with strong mirage.
 It is very well equipped with all seasons covered benches, loading rooms, cleaning rooms, club house and restaurant.

                                            Polar coordinates 45 08' 50.59"N, 9 42' 06.32"E
                                           Detailed Local Forecast
                                                            Webcam and forecast


The Light Varmint 100/200/300 in Codogno, 15th Edition, organized  by  the Codogno Range Club have seen
30 shooter coming from Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy and Monaco  gathering

3 day competition : April 13th-14th-15th.
About the weather conditions : sunny, temperatures ranging from 8 C to 16C. 

Gian Antonio Quaglino established a new metric world record with a 300 meter Light Varmint Aggregate of 16.420 mm .1971 MOA
The previous record was established by the late C Martinet in 2006 with 17.354 mm .2083 MOA

The loading / cleaning building

300m targets on screens

LV 100 Agg.

1st G Dapian
2nd GM Farinone
3rd I Piani
Small group Y Goudal

LV 200 Agg.

1st & small group
M Tigri
2nd G Dapian
3rd M Mei

LV 300 Agg.

1st & small group
GA Quaglino
2nd M Mei
3rd C Madinelli

100/200 Grand Agg.

1st M Tigri
2nd G Dapian
3rd GM Farinone
4thL Bonacina
5th G Sansavini


100/200/300 Grand Agg

1st M Mei
2nd G Dapian
3rd GA Quaglino
4th L Bonacina
5th C Madinelli