"Memorial Tony NEGRI"



Dolomites & Dobbiaco slide view

Dobbiaco is in Sd Tyrol in the middle of the famous Dolomites Mountains
1250 m. height, 8 kms from the Austrian border. A great tourist place all along the year
in winter with Nordic ski areas, in summer with a lot of rambles to do around : woods, lakes, creeks. 
High mountain hunting and fishing, a real paradise for outdoors lovers.                     
The town is very well equipped with high grade hotels and restaurants.
and the Shooting Range is set with 20 benches and all the facilities


Detailed Local Forecast


64 shooter gathered in Dobbiaco for the Alpen Cup Competition, 2017 edition, on June 08th to 11th, coming from Austria, Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Monaco, Netherlands and United Kingdom.

The range has got a lot of making up : a new firing line with 25 benches and a "new" 100 m range where the shooting is more flat than before, the 200m is unchanged.


On the way to

The huge parking

The range from the 100 m target line

The firing line

The 100m target line

Relay one

The range officer

Cleaning session

Some stuff for reloading


J. Laulumaa, from Finland, the competitor
who comes from far away....


Wind flags settled for the 200m competion

JM Deletang
SOY recordman

200m Relay 2

Dobbiaco old timer
competitor E Camilli


A Atzl
Master gunsmith
Bullet maker
Barrel maker
Trigger maker
2nd @ the2 Gun Agg

2 GUN Agg. winner
J Woelfe

The Dobbiaco Range
President F Negri

The 2 GUN Agg.
1st J Woelfe
2nd A Atzl
3rd G Dapian
4th J Laulumaa
5th L Paoni